Abenteuer Erzberg

“Steirischer Erzberg” – the “Styrian ore mountain”

hauly Stroll along the paths of the miners ….. now and then!

The levels of the “Erzberg”, the ancient furnaces and the jagged rocks of the Alps: in the heart of Styria nature and industry have led an iron marriage for many centuries.

“Iron for eternity.” That is what the water sprite, which was caught at the “Leopoldsteinersee”, promised us for his release according to the legend. And he held his promise. For many centuries the “Erzberg” has given Eisenerz ore and thus food and prosperity. So it was often referred to as “the Styrian loaf of bread”.


In the last few decades the “Erzberg” has become a famous tourist attraction. Visitors are welcomed there from Mai to October and can choose between two main focuses.
layout erzberg The Show mine

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a miner who has to work in a pit? If not, then you can visit the show mine on the “Erzberg”. It is a journey into the past, because today there is only open-pit mining. Equipped with yellow clothes and helms you are led into the pit by the old crew train “Katl”. In the pit you can see the tools and machines that were used in the pit. You also get to know about the hard life of a miner. You can watch a blasting live in the pit. If you want to you can try to operate one of the drill machines.


With the help of modern multimedia technology you can see how the “Erzberg” came into being geologically from the big bang to the shaping of the Alps. Young visitors are fascinated by the sight of the water sprite, which can often be met in the pit.
motorradfahrer The “Hauly” Adventure trip

Board the so-called “Hauly”, which is the biggest yellow cab in the world, and take a trip to the levels of the “Erzberg”, which is the biggest pyramid in the world. “Hauly” is a nickname for the huge and impressive Haulpak trucks which were formerly used to transport the ore down the “Erzberg”. You will never forget this unique trip. The “Hauly” is actuated by an 860 HP diesel engine and it has an empty weight of 55 tons.

Thousands of visitors also come to see the “Erzberg Rodeo” every year. The “Erzberg Rodeo” is a spectacular and quite dangerous off-road race where brave drivers try to beat the “Erzberg”. There are Nordic-walking and mountain bike competitions on the “Erzberg” as well during the year.


Visitors who intend to stay longer in Eisenerz can visit the “Erlebniszentrum Oswaldirücken”, where special courses on how to forge beautiful objects are offered.

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