Historic District


altstadt1 Eisenerz is many centuries old. Its origin goes back to the years around 700 AD. Although the steel merchants in Steyr made the biggest profit with the ore from the “Erzberg”, pompous buildings which were made by the “Radmeister” can be seen in the historic district.

Many arcades can be seen in the historic district. The old town hall is decorated with Sgraffito. The so-called “Kontinentehaus” offers a spectacular look. The rich decoration on this building shows four continents (Australia was not discovered when the “Kontinentehaus” was built).

An interesting place for taking pictures is the “Bergmannsplatz”, a place which is located in front of the old town hall. A well is in the middle of the place. On the well there is a small statue which shows a miner. The miner is dressed in his old working uniform. In 1282 the fortified church “ad S. Oswaldum” was first mentioned in a document. The church was built on a hill above the historic district. It is one of the biggest fortified churches in Austria.

Another interesting building is the “Schichtturm”. Built in 1581 the “shift tower” is a Renaissance tower. If you want to take a closer look to it you have to walk to it by using serpentines which you can reach from the historic district. The “shift tower” gives you the best opportunity to have a look at the whole town and the “Erzberg”. It is a nice location for taking pictures.