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Die österreichische Eisenstraße - “The Austrian Iron Road” The best offers!

Do you like new impressions and exciting encounters? Then take an interesting expedition with us. The “Austrian Iron Road” is like a treasure island. It hypnotizes you with its rich history, its amusing stories, its art treasures, its diverse landscape and its delicacies. A relaxing holiday for everyone.

Mountain bikers, hikers and outdoor sportsmen love our landscape. There is so much to explore. Miracles of nature, montane historical goods and tasty delicacies provide a relaxing holiday.

The best and most beautiful offers are outlined in a brochure. The advantage is that you can directly book our offers or your individually designed holiday. Just give us a call or write an E-mail. For more information, look at the bottom of this site.

We kindly would like to organize the perfect holiday for you!

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 - individual advice and planning of your trip
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Day trip “Adventure trip Erzberg” (Abenteuer Erzberg)

Visit the Erzberg, the biggest pyramid of the world! Stroll along the paths of the miners ….. now and then.

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a miner who has to work in a pit? If not, then you can visit the show mine on the Erzberg. It is a journey into the past, because today there is only open-pit mining. Equipped with yellow clothes and helms you are led into the pit by the old crew train “Katl”. Then board the so-called “Hauly”, which is the biggest yellow cab in the world, and take a trip to the levels of the Erzberg. Fun for the whole family is guaranteed.

Included activities:
 - Visit of the show mine
 - “Hauly”- adventure trip
 - Two course dinner


Day trip “On the path of the iron”

This trip starts at the station Vordernberg. You go to the Präbichl on the steepest railroad track in Austria by train. Then you walk along the so-called “iron path” back to Vordernberg (5 km). During the walk you get much information about the miners’ technical masterpieces of the 19th century. In Vordernberg you get dinner and you can watch a movie about the region of the “Austrian Iron Road”. In the end you can visit an old furnace called “Radwer IV”.

Included activities:
 - Trip with the “Erzbergbahn”
 - Walking the “iron path” (not guided)
 - Two course dinner
 - Exclusive movie about the region
 - “miners’ water”
 - Visit of the “Radwerk IV”


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