leopoldsteinersee1 The "Leopoldsteinersee" is a big and beautiful mountain lake. It was named after the nearby castle “Leopoldstein”.

It is situated at the bottom of the so-called “Seemauer”, which could be translated roughly as “lake stone wall”. It is imbedded in a coniferous and mixed forest and it displays its splendor all four seasons.

The mountain lake is 600 meters above sea level and it is 1400 meters long and 370 meters wide. The lake is 31 meters deep.

bootsverleih The lake is mainly fed from submontane wells. Near the lake the water sprite was supposed to be caught. For its release he showed the people the ore mountain.

The emerald-green mountain lake is a favored place for trips and bathing. You can go around the mountain lake. You can sit on the beach, relax and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. It is an enjoyable place for the whole family.

Rowing boats and electric powered boats are available for exploring the mountain lake. In summer you can take a refreshing swim in the lake. In winter you can go ice-skating and curling on the frozen up lake.

The castle “Leopoldstein”  
schlossleopoldstein The castle “Leopoldstein”, which is near the mountain lake, was formerly used as a hunting residence.

It would have been a nice and romantic luxury hotel, but it is used as a boarding school.

The headmaster of the boarding school is Harald Schnedl. Mr. Schnedl likes to compare the castle with the famous German castle “Neuschwanstein” and says that the pupils respect the listed interior design of the 19th century.

The teenagers eat in the stately, pine decorated dining rooms of the Wittelsbacher, who renovated the castle at the end of the 19th century. The teenagers who stay there do not just get educated; they are trained in Nordic sports like ski jumping or cross-country skiing. Some pupils who stayed at the castle have become very successful.