The “shift tower” – one of the town’s landmarks

schichtturm1 Built in 1582, the “shift tower” is a Renaissance tower. If you want to take a closer look to it you have to walk to it by using serpentines which you can reach from the historic district. Or you can walk to it by using a Stations of the Cross. The “shift tower” gives you the best opportunity to have a look at the whole town and the “Erzberg”. It is a nice location for taking pictures.

In the past the bell in the “shift tower” called the miners to work. The “shift tower” was built in the Renaissance- style. The fire watch was installed in the tower because of the good overview of the town. Although the “shift tower” has lost its original function, it is one of the town’s landmarks.

Today the owner of the “shift tower” is Hans Gross, a man who has traveled a lot and who was a development worker in Peru for many years. He has retired and is living in the “shift tower”.

schichtturm2 The “Schichtturm” is a popular meeting place for many people. There are many tables at the ground floor of the tower. You can drink, eat and listen to live music at the cozy and nice equipped ground floor.

Near the tower there is a nature trail. You can walk there and have a look at the nicely designed presentation boards which show you the animals that are living in the valley: bees, ants, birds, protected plants, flowers and herbs. If you are getting tired you can sit on the many wooden benches.
This nature trail is very popular for walking, hiking and jogging. All hikers, walkers, joggers and nature lovers are warmly welcomed there.
Schools often visit the nature trail, because it is a wonderful place for learning something about nature and local history.