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museum Eisenerz can look back upon a rich historical past. Quite a few opening lines in the chapters of European history were originally drafted here since very early on rulers  were aware of  the enormous value of the Styrian Iron Mountain once thy could claim ownership to it. At the foot of this unique natural resource the formerly world famous market town of Eisenerz has evolved through history.

The old Town Hall located in the original centre called Bergmannsplatz (Miners’ Square) now presents a vivid illustration of the mutual relationship between the Erzberg (Iron Mountain) and the town of Eisenerz over the centuries.

museum1 The location of this formerly powerful administrative seat provides both an appropriate setting for the numerous treasures and rarities of the museum collection as well as an exciting opportunity to view the impressive Councillors ‘Chamber and the former dungeon cells. Visitors will experience a sense of history.
museum2 Opening times: May - October

Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Guided tours against advance notification
Visits out of season require special arrangements


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Stadtmuseum Eisenerz
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